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Where many boat dealerships have procedures in place to help guide customers through the boat-buying process, Staten Island Yacht Sales (Ranked 33 in 2006) has gone a step or two further, compiling a “Welcome Handbook” that directs its customers through the boat-owning process.

The 31-page reference guide, complete with a table of contents, covers everything from how the boat is prepared for delivery to how an owner can go about obtaining and maintaining a Maritime Mobile Service Identity number to help quicken response times in the case of an emergency.

The booklet is a primer for boat ownership and gives new boaters an idea of what they need to do and learn to operate and maintain the boat properly. Subjects like warranty procedures, maintenance information, frequently asked questions, owner responsibilities, troubleshooting tips, lessons and other educational opportunities are also covered using succinct, bullet-pointed information.

Staten Island Yacht Sales describes the booklet as a “plethora of information designed to inform the client of all our processes and ensure a level of comfort.”

And, aside from helping boaters maximize the enjoyment of their new vessels, the handbook is also a tool to help SIYS build a relationship with its customers.

The dealership lists the names and contact information for its service center employees, as well as the number of its “Sunday Hotline,” which allows the customer to speak with a technician on the only day of the week the service department is not open.

SIYS also uses the handbook to market its service work to the customer, and includes a page that explains why owners should have their maintenance needs met by its service department.

Signatures from the company’s employees are included on a final “Thank You” page that once again congratulates owners for choosing to begin a relationship with the dealership.

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