Eliminate the competition

Galati Yacht Sales’ (Ranked 2 in 2006) customer satisfaction philosophy has led the company to turn inward, refining its processes to a level of excellence few can match. One example is its Single Point Make Ready location, established several years ago. Prior to that, the dealership often found that preparation of new yachts for sale was competing with its service business. By creating one location with its own staff of technicians where all yachts are assembled, rigged and prepped, the company was able to offer better, faster service for its current customers.

It all comes back to doing what’s right for the customer, something that resonates with its employees. Galati hasn’t been affected by the shortage of qualified technicians, for example, which it attributes, in part, to its commitment to its long-term focus on profitability.

“This is extremely important to our techs,” Carmine explained. “Many of them tell stories of their experience working for other dealers where they were stuck in the middle between an unhappy customer and a dealership … taking a short-run/profit maximization view of the situation.”

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