ACR and MARIS form alliance

FORT LAUDERDALE, Fla. – ACR Electronics, Inc. and Maritime Information Systems have formed an alliance to share proprietary software, engineering and manufacturing systems to design, build and bring to market a suite of maritime information and safety electronics systems, ACR said in a release earlier this week.

“This is a very important collaboration providing ACR with access to exclusive bridge information system software and engineering, and gives MARIS broadened manufacturing capabilities, better purchasing power in sourcing materials and a fast lane into expanded global marketing channels,” said Paul Frank, president of the Fort Lauderdale-based ACR Electronics.

ACR, entered the field of marine bridge safety electronics in 2003 when its parent company, Chelton Ltd., a member of the Cobham plc Group, acquired Austria-based Nauticast, AG, an Automatic Identification System supplier.

“Though we have very successfully delivered more than 1,500 navigation systems to customers in more than 30 countries, this alliance with ACR will create a formidable force in meeting the growing global demand for bridge-based information systems,” said Steinar Gundersen, managing director for MARIS, a private limited company headquartered in Tonsberg, Norway.

Through the alliance, ACR will re-brand several systems in the MARIS line and will use its extended sales network to sell to and install commercial maritime and super and luxury yacht customers. MARIS will continue to market its brands through its existing distribution network.

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