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About the Marine Dealer Conference & Expo

The marine industry’s only dealer-specific educational conference, MDCE offers an in-depth lineup of educational sessions, a full-featured expo hall and a series of fixed networking opportunities, all of which are designed to help marine dealers connect with and learn from others who can foster their success.

MDCE features four Educational Tracks, Pre-Conference Workshops, Keynote Presentations, a Learning Lab, Dealer-to-Dealer Roundtable Discussions, and an Innovation Spotlight.

The MDCE is co-produced by the Marine Retailers Association of the Americas and Boating Industry magazine.

The Marine Dealer Conference & Expo delivers the most comprehensive educational programming found in the marine industry. It’s proven ability to deliver real-world opportunities and solutions attracted a record number of dealers again in 2018.

Dealerships of all types turn to MDCE every year to gain insights into the latest trends, strategies and best practices and to help them prepare to maximize their success in the year ahead.

For more information, visit MarineDealerConference.com. 

The retail business is constantly changing, and nowhere is that more accurate than right here in our industry. As dealership leaders, we are faced with expanding our businesses as sales continue to grow, all the while dealing with workforce shortages that make it difficult to deliver outstanding customer service. Learn what it takes to be a great leader and a great manager in today’s marine industry and how to prepare your business for the unknown events of tomorrow.

New boat sales is the fuel that ignites our businesses to success. With steady growth in industry unit sales over the last several years, most dealerships are growing. But are you capturing all of the business that you could be? And if not, why not? Multi-faceted sales strategies and sales efforts are necessary to be successful in today’s market, and with all the changes in technology, demographics, buying habits and consumer behavior, it’s critical you’re tuned into the latest strategies.

Service – Plus
Sales sells the first boat. And service sells every boat thereafter. It’s a common theory among marine dealers, but how well does this work for you. If you’re like most dealers, you’re struggling to find good help, which compromises turnaround times, threatens quality control, and ultimately sacrifices customer service. And if that’s the case, remind me how you sell that next boat? Learn the insights necessary to run a successful service department and a whole lot more!

There’s no faster changing responsibilities in dealerships today than those in marketing. Websites. Social. Mobile. How do you get caught up? Leading dealers blend effective marketing with their sales efforts to engage new customers and regain old customers. They know the importance of telling the story of their dealership and attracting customers to all revenue centers. Join us as our experts share the latest trends and insights that can make your dealership successful.

About the MRAA: The Marine Retailers Association of the Americas is the only national association serving the interests of the boat and engine dealer. The association exists to assist in raising the standards of marine retailing, to provide its members with a common source of information, to stimulate an ongoing exchange of ideas among its members and to promote sound growth of the retail marketing of boats, motors and marine accessories. The association hosts an annual educational convention (the MDCE), presents a series of awards such as the Darlene Briggs Marine Woman of the Year award, and operates an educational foundation that awards scholarships for education, training and professional development within the marine trade. The MRAA also represents the interests and concerns of marine retailers to other trade associations and boater member organizations on a national, state and local level through its legislative work. Find out more at mraa.com.

About Boating IndustryBoating Industry serves the marine industry through its mission to be a source of intelligence you can profit from.  Boating Industry evolved from a print magazine to a multi-channel media outlet providing content through print, online and in-person mediums. Boating Industry's Top 100 Dealers Program has risen to become the most-coveted awards program in the industry; it produces several e-newsletters each week.

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