Follow-up: Channel in Sakonnet River to remain, with limits

TIVERTON, R.I. — The Sakonnet River will remain open to boat traffic during a bridge project, but with limits.

The bridge-builders originally wanted boat traffic stopped for one month. Instead, a passage on the west side of the channel will be open at designated times for boats that fit through it. A passage on the east side was not deemed viable, according to the East Bay Newspapers report.

Restrictions also include:
• Red and green channel markers will be set in time for the Aug. 29 target date by which the center channel should be closed.
• Boats will be allowed through during daylight hours only.
• The passage will only be open within one hour of slack tide to avoid powerful currents that exist at other times.
• Traffic will be one-way only and skippers should notify other boats of their intentions via VHF marine channel 16.
• Height clearance beneath the bridge is 47 feet meaning sailboats much larger than 32 feet may not fit through.
• Channel maximum depth is 17 feet. Width is mostly about 100 feet although it narrows to about 60 feet near the turn.

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