Info-Link launches market intelligence tool

MIAMI – Info-Link has unveiled its new In-Focus market intelligence analysis tool, developed specifically for the marine industry, the company reported in an interview with Boating Industry magazine.

“In-Focus capitalizes on people’s natural ability to process information by incorporating visual cues including maps, color, shapes and sizes to quickly and easily express data, such as boat registration statistics, as information,” explained Peter Houseworth of Info-Link Technologies. “This provides users with unparalleled insight into the critical information that companies need to make informed decisions.”

In-Focus consists of two independent modules, a National Market Summary Report and a Brand Performance Report.

The National Market Summary Report provides information with respect to performance of the overall marine industry, both nationally and at the state level. This information can also be broken down by vessel characteristics such as hull type, propulsion type and length range.

The Brand Performance Report is a view of the information that is customized for the user, focusing on the results of that company’s brand and its principal competitors. It is designed to allow users to quickly and easily evaluate performance and identify areas of untapped potential, according to Info-Link.

Within this module is the Market Size and Penetration dashboard. In this dashboard, the size of the circle conveys the overall volume of a given market while the color indicates the degree of market penetration. In order to explore this information, users can select a state or states, which can be further broken down by county for more detailed analysis.

“The beauty of In-Focus is that it was developed with a simple, intuitive layout that can be explored by anyone,” concluded Houseworth. “There is no database knowledge or expertise required.”

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