Holiday marketing to encourage sober skippers

SOUTHOLD, N.Y. — Sea Tow captains will spread a “sober skipper” message to boaters across the country during the 4th of July holiday weekend.

Sea Tow will distribute 30,000 koozies – foam can insulators – to boaters that are emblazoned with the message: “Booze and Boats don’t mix. Designate a Sober Skipper.” Sea Tow captains will distribute koozies between Friday, July 1, and Monday, July 4, as their schedules allow. Boaters can also purchase the koozies online.

“Sea Tow is not a proponent of consuming alcohol while boating, but we recognize it is a reality we must deal with,” said Joe Frohnhoefer, Sea Tow’s founder/CEO. “I want to remind people who drink while boating to do so responsibly and in moderation. I’ve witnessed too many alcohol-related accidents over the years to not feel compelled to promote even the simplest ways to reduce them. Prevention takes just one smart, split-second decision and a willingness to be a sober skipper. It’s my hope that literally putting the message into people’s hands will serve as a constant reminder to make smart decisions while boating. We don’t want anyone to become a statistic.”

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