The Cranchi Endurance 41 makes its Hollywood debut

POMPANO BEACH, Fla. – Three of Cranchi’s Italian built Endurance 41 models are featured in the upcoming Transporter II, according to a statement from Cranchi USA earlier this month. The Twentieth Century Fox action thriller is directed by Louis Leterrier and starts Jason Statham. Transporter II premiers on September 2 and features Statham as ex-special forces operative Frank Martin, “The Transporter.” Now retired and living in Miami, Martin makes a living by driving for a wealthy family, including twin brothers. When the boys are abducted, Martin must use all his skills to bring them to safety and discover the kidnapper’s plan.

Three of Cranchi’s Endurance 41’s are included in multiple scenes throughout the movie including a chase scene in Miami which shows all three Endurance 41’s making a fast break in opposite directions. The Endurance 41 can be found in other getaway scenes throughout the movie. The Endurance 41 Offshore Express Cruiser was introduced in 2004.

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