DFSG to offer factory direct financing

CLEARWATER, Fla. — Dealer Financial Services Group (DFSG), a dealer direct finance company, will begin offering manufacturers the same retail finance program available to its dealers, according to a release from the company. The move comes in response to the announcement that several manufacturers are setting up factory direct sales offices in addition to their dealer networks.

DFSG has in the past offered financing through several manufacturer partners on a promotional basis.

“We felt that today’s climate warranted offering this direct finance program to manufacturers on a regular basis,” Vernon Blanc, director of Dealer Financial Services, said in the release. “This program will help manufacturers and their dealers more easily reduce non-current inventory levels, as well as enhance their offerings and increase market share. With the strength of our retail finance program, DFSG can finance any type of recreational boat or yacht sold in the continental U.S., with preferred rates and terms.”

Manufacturers will have the opportunity to participate in any upcoming discounted rate programs offered, the company said. DFSG will offer insurance services to the manufacturers as well.

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