Priority One partners with credit-repair provider

ST. PETERSBURG, Fla. — Priority One Financial Services, which provides F&I outsourcing to marine and RV dealers, has partnered with VertiSEL, a solutions provider for credit denials, according to Priority One. The deal will make credit-repair solutions available to marine and RV dealers and customers seeking to secure financing for the purchase of a boat or RV.

Auto dealers, including the nation’s No. 1 Chrysler dealer, have utilized VertiSEL’s credit-solution program since 2007, Priority One reported in a release. Over 30 percent of the customers who enroll in the 90-day program return to purchase a unit from the dealership.

“With this exclusive partnership, Priority One can take a program that has had proven success in the auto industry and make it available to marine and RV dealers immediately,” Gary Rademaker, strategic alliance director for Priority One, said in the release.

Priority One will identify customers who do not currently qualify to finance a recreational purchase due to derogatory credit and refer them to VertiSEL’s 90-day credit improvement program, which is designed to provide substantial increases in the credit score of clients who participate in the course.

Priority One will monitor the customer’s progress and upon completion, qualified customers will be referred back to the dealership for purchase. This will ensure the customer has a pleasant and satisfying experience, and the dealership retains a customer and a sale, without any additional work for the dealership or their staff.

“This program can be the difference between making the sale or not, and that’s the type of competitive advantage we are committed to bringing our dealers,” said Rademaker.

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