Spotlight on service

Service departments rarely get the attention
they deserve.

Compared to sales — with its shiny showroom and sizable commissions — the service department is often treated like a back-up singer. She makes the band sound better, but she rarely makes it into the spotlight.

If there was ever a time to change that thinking, it’s now. In a year in which boat sales are continuing their downward trend, a focus on alternative profit centers is critical. Many of the best performing dealerships around the country are thriving despite the economic downturn by creating additional business and profits in their service departments. And they’re always looking for another tactic to try out.

We’ve witnessed a number of these standout service strategies being implemented by our 2007 Top 100 Dealers, and we’ve gathered the best of them together to help you bolster your service department. The result is a list of the Top 10 service ideas dealers should adopt to sustain their businesses today and drive future growth.
The concepts contained in this article cover the gamut of marine service department operations from the most basic to the truly groundbreaking. Approached with the right creativity, each can help you improve the service experience you offer customers and make you more profitable. They’re ranked in descending order from the most innovative to the most critical, but all are intended to help you create a well-run service shop that can’t help but steal the spotlight — and fatten up your bottom line.

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