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The Beige Book’s outlook

At the Marine Dealer Conference & Expo last November, Brunswick CEO Dusty McCoy said [and I'm paraphrasing here] that while many of the recessions the U.S. economy has endured in the past are V-shaped (the economy drops quickly, bottoms out, then rebounds steeply as well) he expects our current recession will be more U-shaped - meaning we won't experience that ...

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Pain = gain?

My four-year-old son broke his arm playing in the yard last week. While he was incredibly brave in the hours and days that followed, it has changed him. As the pain has receded, he's begun thinking out loud about how he'll avoid breaking something else, as have his father and I. We want him to go back to having fun ...

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Transforming challenge into opportunity

A month and a half ago, when I spoke at the Marine Trades Association of New Jersey annual conference, I touched on the growing number of marine businesses participating in social networking, as did the person who followed me, Sam Natello of Dot Com Design Studio. This is a subject that holds particular interest for me as our team has ...

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The dealership of tomorrow?

I offended a dealer in one of my last magazine columns. This dealer, or former dealer as it may be, recounted the unprecedented conditions of the economy and, more specifically, the marine industry when he outlined how his business has succumbed to external pressures. He noted the drought boaters and businesses face in his home state of Georgia; $4-a-gallon gas; ...

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‘Going girly’

I was fortunate enough to get to the television before my kids the other day. It's almost a contest to see who can get up, dressed and in front of the television first. Breakfast in hand, of course. As I flipped from the Disney channel to CNN, I was greeted with some updated facts regarding an old topic with relevance ...

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