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Beer, drones and creative marketing

By By Jonathan Sweet

Those buzzkills at the FAA.

I was all set to write a blog this week about the creative thinking at Lakemaid Beer up here in the Land of Ten Thousand Lakes. The company posted a clever YouTube video a few days ago introducing its new service: beer delivered by drone to your ice fishing shack. (Trust me, in Minnesota, this would be a really successful idea.)

Lakemaid president Jack Supple insists the idea was serious, and was inspired by recent coverage of Amazon’s proposal to use drones for package delivery. But the FAA quickly put the kibosh on the idea.  The agency is still studying the use of drones and currently bans their commercial use.
“Our concern is the safety of people on the ground and the safety of people in the air,” FAA spokeswoman Elizabeth Isham Cory told the Minneapolis Star Tribune.

OK, so we all knew this idea wasn’t going to fly (no pun intended), but it’s created plenty of buzz (um, again, no pun intended) for the little Minnesota brewer, with the video going viral even before the FAA announcement.

Whether or not the company ever intended to go through with it, it shows how finding a creative solution to your customers’ problems can pay off!

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