NMMA testifies to protect access to marine flares in CA

NMMA was recently in Sacramento, Calif. to testify in opposition to SB 1066, a bill that would create an extended producer responsibility plan for pyrotechnic marine flares, including smoke flares and hand flares. These types of flares are shown to be among the most highly visible distress signals, especially in daylight when most recreational boaters are on the water.

NMMA’s director of federal government affairs, Clay Crabtree, testified before the California Assembly highlighting the industry’s concern that SB 1066 will reduce the variety and availability of safety products in the California market unless changes are made to the bill.

“Marine flares play a critical role in maritime safety by providing a visible means of signaling distress, aiding in location and positioning, and ensuring vessels comply with U.S. Coast Guard safety regulations,” Crabtree stated during the hearing. “They are an essential component of any vessel’s safety equipment and can significantly increase the chances of a successful rescue operation in emergency situations.”

Across the country, 61% of boat owners have an annual household income of $75,000 or less and this bill will inevitably increase the price of pyrotechnic marine flares, impacting the choices that are made when purchasing this required safety equipment. With almost 500 letters sent to Assembly members and Senators, California boaters have voiced their concerns over this legislation.

California residents: to contact your representative, please visit www.boatingunited.org/take-action/protect-california-boater-safety-oppose-sb-1066/.

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