Correct Craft volunteers transform Morehead City Hope Mission

In a heartfelt effort to give back, over 100 Correct Craft volunteers from across the nation gathered in Morehead City, N.C., to support Hope Mission of Coastal Carolina. Together, they renovated the homeless shelter and soup kitchen, making it a better place for those in need. Parker Offshore Boats, a part of the Correct Craft family, is located in Carteret County, the same community served by Hope Mission.

Hope Mission served over 31,000 meals in 2023 and provides crucial support to the Carteret County community, offering food, shelter, and a helping hand to those struggling. Their mission is to help people regain their sense of identity and belonging, often lost due to homelessness or substance abuse.

During the service trip, volunteers replaced flooring, renovated bathrooms, re-did the ceiling, built a new storage shed, and added a sidewalk and doors to make entry easier for those seeking food and shelter. Residents in recovery at Hope Mission also pitched in, highlighting the power of community and working together for a higher purpose.

Ken Johnstin, Director of Hope Mission, expressed his gratitude, saying, “There really are no words that can describe the gratitude that we have…It’s simply amazing.”

Scott Bauer, President of Parker Offshore, shared his feelings, “I can’t tell you how grateful I am to have the team here. Parker Offshore is honored to host this and really make a difference in our community.”

“Our Correct Craft employees have traveled worldwide to serve others. This summer, we were thrilled to have over 100 team members in Morehead City, North Carolina,” Bill Yeargin, President and CEO of Correct Craft said. “The past few years our Parker team has become known as a significant contributor to their local community and this project with Hope Mission is just one example of the many things they are doing to serve.”

Yeargin added, “Much of my family is from North Carolina. I could not be more excited about how our Parker Boats crew has stepped up as a part of Correct Craft to make a positive difference in the eastern part of the state. I love our team!”

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