Trader Interactive expands marine marketplace, rebrands Boatline to Boatmart

Trader Interactive announced a major expansion of its marine marketplace, including a doubling of boat inventory and dealer partnerships over the last 12 months, upgraded features for both consumers and dealers, and a name change from Boatline to Boatmart to more closely reflect the platform’s purpose.

“This relaunch is a significant milestone in our commitment to elevating the marine marketplace experience that also aligns Boatmart with the family of successful brands under Trader Interactive,” said Roger Dunbar, VP of Boatmart. “Boatmart is set to redefine how we connect enthusiasts with the boat that perfectly fits their needs.”

For consumers, the Boatmart platform offers improved navigation and search capabilities, twice as many listings and dealer locations as before, inventory from many of the market’s top OEMs, and other features for simplifying the boat buying and selling experience. Upcoming enhancements will provide additional tools to further refine and expedite the search and selection process.

For dealers, benefits include the potential for increased leads via Boatmart’s improved interface and larger inventory to drive consumers to the site. Boatmart also provides seamless transfer of dealer listing data, fast integration with the TraderTraxx management platform, rich lead distribution tools, and access to Statistical Surveys Inc. (SSI) offering rich pre-purchase and post-purchase data.

“Dealers and consumers want to feel empowered with as much choice as possible and dealers want to feel they are getting fair value, and we are more than capable of delivering a platform that will satisfy everyone’s needs,”  said Trader Interactive CEO David McMinn. “With our exclusive technology, advanced statistical insights, experience in the marine space, deep resources and decades of leadership in other digital lifestyle marketplaces, we are confident that Boatmart will quickly become a leading destination for boat buying and selling.” 

Boatmart will make its debut at Miami International Boat Show, February 14-18, 2024.

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