Brunswick Corp. recognizes Employee Sustainability Leadership Award winners

Brunswick Corporation recently announced its annual Sustainability Leadership Awards which celebrate the company’s commitment to sustainable, responsible practices by recognizing outstanding environmental contributions of individuals and teams at Brunswick facilities around the world.

Now in its third year, the award nominations represented teams from 11 facilities and seven countries around the world. Combined, the estimated annual environmental benefit includes:

  • 10.6 million gallons of water saved.
  • 3.9 kWh of electricity reduced.
  • 429 tons of waste diverted from landfill.
  • 2,207 metric tons of CO2e emissions avoided.

Brunswick’s 2023 Sustainability Leadership Award Winners are:

Brunswick 2023 Environmental Sustainability Leadership Team Award

The Maintenance & Controls Team at Mercury Marine’s Plant 15 in Fond du Lac, Wisconsin was recognized for a project to introduce an enhanced coolant control, recycling & recovery system.   The new system is expected to improve production reliability and reduce operating costs along with delivering the following annual environmental benefits:

  • Reduction of 25,000 gallons in coolant usage due to coolant recovery and recycling processes.
  • Reduction of approximately 1 million gallons of water usage.
  • Reduction in chemical usage of 50%. 
  • Reduction of 140 tons of material previously sent to landfill.

Mercury Marine team members for this project included: Eric Gerlach, Robert Krudwig, Chris Lee, Matthew Liebelt, Todd Martin, Kevin Moreau, Tyler Thurke, and Steven Tolzman.

Brunswick 2023 Environmental Sustainability Leadership Individual Award

Brian Jenquine, Electrical Engineer and Certified Energy Manager at Mercury Marine in Fond du Lac was recognized for his ongoing impact on environmental sustainability. 

“Brian has long been a champion of sustainability across Brunswick, most recently completing a multi-year lighting conversion project that is expected to deliver annual electricity savings of over 2.7 million kWh,” said Jennifer Koenig, Brunswick Corporation Chief Sustainability Officer.  “This year he proactively led the creation of the Mercury Marine Plant Energy Team to drive increased focus on energy management to help Brunswick meet its sustainability goals.”  

Each winner will receive $5,000 to donate to the charity of their choice.

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