VETUS appoints sales manager for Spain, Portugal

VETUS has appointed Eva Aresté as Sales Manager (electric) engines for Spain and Portugal.

Aresté, who joined VETUS in 2019, stepped into the role with effect from Sep. 1, 2023.

Based out of the VETUS Spanish office, Aresté will be responsible for sales of electric propulsion systems, together with promoting and supporting sales of internal diesel combustion engines and gensets across Spain and Portugal.

The new role will build on Aresté’s former responsibilities with VETUS, having previously been involved in providing crucial technical and sales support together with training clients on the operation and maintenance of engines and gensets.

Prior to joining VETUS, Aresté worked in the sales department at Solé Diesel for five years, specializing in the distribution of engines, gensets, and essential spare parts, an experience that deepened her understanding of the marine industry and the importance of delivering tailored solutions to clients.

“I am very excited about my new role as Sales Manager for engines, gensets and e-drive in Spain and Portugal,” Aresté said. “Being an experienced professional who has worked at VETUS Spain for several years, in addition to my years at Solé Diesel, I am confident that my technical knowledge and years of experience in a commercial environment will help me to boost this group of VETUS products.”

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