2017 Best in Class: Best Training & Benefits

Best Training & Benefits

Legend Boats
Whitefish, Ontario

Legend Boats uses a two-prong approach in making sure new as well as existing dealership employees receive the best training possible to serve customers.

A new team member does not start until they have a completed a detailed two- to four-week training schedule, says Legend Boats Co-CEO Jamie Dewar.

That training begins with a full first-day orientation that thoroughly explains the dealership’s philosophy, culture, policies, as well as health and safety criteria, Dewar adds. Sales personnel undergo a monthly training module through The Glenn Roller Institute for a Deeper Understanding for Sales.

“And yearly, members of our management and sales teams attend the MDCE conference and bring back all of their findings for implementation,” Dewar says.

Legend Boats’ information technology, administration, and marketing teams also visit the Salesforce World Tour in Toronto for extra CRM training and any new updates that are involved.

In addition, members of the dealership’s IT, administration and management teams will attend Dreamforce in San Francisco to learn more about Salesforce, and will be bringing information back to their teams regarding step-by-step implementation.

“Our service team members complete modules for Mercury training in order to become Mercury Certified Technicians or to enhance their current certifications,” Dewar adds. Legend Boats’ management team engages in a manager’s meeting in which new processes are discussed and training programs are implemented.

Other regular training programs are also attended by management and team members as requested and as deemed necessary, such as the Inbound Marketing Conference in Boston, DiBrina Sure Group Management Training, DiBrina Sure Group pension training, Design Thinkers Conference for Graphic Designers and SAL Insurance Training for the business office managers.

“We offer a health and dental plan, life insurance and disability insurance, as well as a pension plan to all of our team members after one year of employment,” Dewar says. “Essentially, the program offers comprehensive coverage on most health-related costs and allows a team member to contribute towards their pension. We match up to 3 percent of their wages.”

The “Live the Legend” program allows employees to book and use a boat for up to a week so that they can truly experience the customer memories that Legend Boats asks them to create.

“We offer a health challenge to all employees to encourage everyone in our Legend Family to make a major commitment to the betterment of their health over a one-year period,” Dewar says. “If they reach and maintain their specific, personalized goal, then they will be eligible for a cash prize of up to $10,000.”

Last year, three people competed in the second year of the challenge. One lost 50 pounds, one quit smoking, and one built stamina to run more than four miles.

Employees also contribute suggestions for Idea of the Month. These ideas can be in regards to any department, for ways to save money, increase efficiency, or just fun things to do around the office.

The Idea of the Month winner gets a preferred parking spot in the employee parking lot close to the doors and a $25 gift certificate to the restaurant of their choice.

Memory Maker of the Month also gets a preferred parking spot in the employee parking lot close to the doors and a $25 restaurant gift certificate.

Every year on a Legend Boats team member’s anniversary, an email is sent out to the whole team with blurbs from their coworkers basically saying how awesome the team member is and how lucky they are to work with that person. Usually, other team members chime in with their congratulations as well.

And on each team member’s birthday, a dealership social committee decorates the celebrated team member’s work area and brings them a favorite treat as listed on an employee rewards program form. Dewar says everyone will generally go out of their way on a birthday celebration day to make a fuss about the honored employee.

“Traditionally we have used a concept we call ‘Painted Picture’ to allow our team members to clearly see our vision,” Dewar says. “They see a picture of what the future company looks like through the lens of its leaders, and is created with the feedback and input from team members.”


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