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Why your marketing may not be relevant – and how to fix it

By David Gee When you are in the media, you are on the receiving end of lots of marketing messages. Some are good, some are bad and some are really ugly. In fact, there is about an 80-percent chance there is something fundamentally wrong with your marketing. It’s flawed because it’s about you, your company, and not them, your prospect ...

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No compromises when it comes to clean water

By David Gee When you are in the water, or on the water, recreating in any form, how much do you think about how clean that water is? Despite what I do for a living, how many invasive species articles I read and how many community water quality discussions I report on, I have to admit I kind of take ...

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Words create our world

Words wield enormous power. They can build up or break down. They can persuade or dissuade. Connect or disconnect. Words can form wonderful pathways of understanding and create a capacity to change. They can open us up to new truths. They can impact the direction of our lives. Yes, words matter. And not just to someone who makes their living ...

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Permission to Come Aboard

David Gee Boating Industry

It has been years, perhaps even decades, since I have thought about my first-ever boating experience as a kid. The only reason I am thinking of it now is because my introduction to boating, inauspicious as it was, is a logical place to begin my introductory blog as the new content director for Boating Industry. One of my dad’s jobs ...

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