Marine Mover – Triumph names new NE sales manager

DURHAM, N.C. - Triumph Boats has appointed Tom Carrier as its regional sales manager for the northeastern U.S., the company said in a release yesterday.

Carrier will be responsible for dealer orders and shipments of Triumph and Windsor Craft products, dealer development programs and expansion into available markets within the region.

“Thanks to his extensive industry experience, Tom already is well known among many Triumph and Windsor Craft dealers in this important area. and so is well prepared to continue building the kind of strong relationships that are fundamental to our sustained growth,” said Don Cary, Triumph's director of Sales and Marketing,”

Cary noted that Carrier's 18-year tenure in the marine industry includes experience at both the retail and manufacturer levels Carrier's priorities will include expanding sales through development and growth of existing dealers, and expansion into markets not currently served, all with a focus on long-term growth.

“First and foremost we will continue to build support for our existing dealer base, leveraging opportunities and removing obstacles to their growth,” Carrier said. “Next, we'll recruit the right, best dealers in appropriate new markets.

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