Taiga begins deliveries of Orca electric PWC

Taiga Motors Corporation, an electric off-road vehicle manufacturer, announced it initiated deliveries of its Orca personal watercraft. Taiga’s 2022 Orca marks its world’s first electric personal watercraft sale, as the company continues to ramp up production, furthering its legacy of being a pioneer in the electric powersports industry.

“This is a significant moment for the Taiga team because not only are we kicking off summer with Orca deliveries, but we are proudly marking the milestone of the first-ever mass-produced electric watercraft
available to consumers,” said Samuel Bruneau, Taiga CEO. “Years of engineering and testing of our revolutionary electric powertrain platform in snow and water has now come full circle, truly changing how people connect with the outdoors.”

Taiga developed the world’s first performance-focused, commercial electric off-road powertrain
pioneering cutting-edge technology to electricity the off-road segment. First installed into its
snowmobiles, then adapted and fine-tuned for the Orca personal watercraft. Orca powers
through water with up to 120kW and peak torque from zero RPM.

Taiga’s deliveries of the Orca personal watercraft are another achievement in its ongoing mission to
electrify the off-road segment, the most challenging and demanding vehicle category. Taiga initiated
North American deliveries of its Nomad snowmobile in March, made its European debut in April, and
supplied units to Québec’s Parks and Wildlife Reserve Agency, Sépaq in May. Taiga was also recently
named Fast Company’s 2022 Best World Changing Idea Overall in North America.

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