AMI announces new alliance with AAHPA

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Association of Marina Industries

The Association of Marina Industries (AMI) recently announced Alaska Association of Harbormasters & Port Administrators (AAHPA) as its newest membership alliance.

Now all AAHPA marina members are also AMI members as a part of their AAHPA membership. This means AAHPA members will now have access to all AMI services, products and benefits in addition to those they already receive from AAHPA.

“The addition of AAHPA to our expanding Affiliate Program is an exciting development and shows the extent of our reach and value in AMI products and services,” said John Swick, AMI Chairman.

The Alaska Association of Harbormasters & Port Administrators is an organization of ports and harbors that are facilitators of maritime transportation hubs in Alaska. AAHPA advocates for environmental stewardship, education, and works hand in hand with state and federal leaders to meet the challenges of today and the needs of future for Alaska.

This alliance will help both associations to extend their voices and reach. Through the new relationship with AAHPA, AMI also increases the number of its affiliate relationships with State Marine Trade Groups, which already includes the Marina Association of Texas, Midwest Marina Association, Virginia Marine Trades Association, Boating British Columbia, Pacific Coast Congress of Harbormaster & Port Managers, and Wisconsin Marine Association. Alliance relationships allow for an entire MTA’s membership to join at a deep discount to regular member prices. Members of the new alliance will benefit from access to national networking, learning events, discounts on training, scholarship funding for education and access to the latest industry news.

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