Dometic acquires Treeline Capital LLC

Dometic has entered into an agreement to acquire Treeline Capital LLC, a leading provider of value-adding engineered service & aftermarket products and mobile power solutions for the North American Marine market under the CDI Electronics and Balmar brands.

Through the brands CDI Electronics and Balmar, Treeline Capital LLC is serving the fast-growing demand for Mobile Power Solutions in the Marine industry by offering engine ignition replacement parts, DC charging systems and battery monitoring systems for boats, among other product categories.

CDI Electronics and Balmar’s products are primarily sold in North America, through an extensive network of distributors and Marine aftermarket dealers. The offering also includes a proprietary engine diagnostic software that is licensed and used by more than 1,200 Marine aftermarket dealers across North America.

Net sales in 2021 were over US$ 16 million with strong growth and a good operating margin. Approximately 75% of net sales are derived from the Service & Aftermarket channel.

Treeline has approximately 70 employees and is headquartered in Huntsville, Ala.

Dometic said the acquisition strengthens the company’s offering and market presence within the North American market for Marine aftermarket products and solutions, particularly in the fast-growing mobile power solution area.

“The addition of CDI Electronics and Balmar are highly complementary with the existing presence of Dometic in the Mobile Power Solutions area while further increasing Dometic’s presence in the Marine Service & Aftermarket industry,” Dometic stated in a press release.

The transaction is structured as a simultaneous signing and closing and is effective immediately. The transaction is expected to be accretive to Dometic’s EPS from start.

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