MRAA, Dealer Profit Services release ‘Guide to Creating a Compliance Process’

The Marine Retailers Association of the Americas, in partnership with Dealer Profit Services, recently launched a new resource for dealers looking to create a compliance process.

The “Guide to Creating a Compliance Process” is a 30-plus page publication to ensure that marine retailers have the information, tools and processes in place to protect their businesses, team and customers.

“While we will have launched more than 100 dealer resources, tools and educational offerings by the end of the year, this guide is one of the most in-depth and robust that we’ve had the privilege to share,” says Liz Walz, MRAA’s Vice President. “It is an excellent example of the expertise and insight that MRAA has been able to tap into, thanks to fruitful relationships with generous, education-minded partners like Dealer Profit Services.”

The guide explains why having a compliance process is smart for business and offers real-life compliance “red-flag” examples for retailers to watch out for as well as sample language that can be used to create a compliance process.

The guide also outlines how not having an updated and effective compliance process that is referenced and adhered to daily may be putting your marine businesses at greater risk for fines and penalties if an issue were to arise.

The “Guide to Creating a Compliance Process” is an MRAA members-only publication available at

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