Merritt Precision Technologies celebrates safety milestone

Merritt Precision Technologies, part of Correct Craft’s separate innovation company, Watershed Innovation, celebrated 1750 days without a lost-time accident in their Tennessee location. From new hires to those who have been working at the facility for over 20 years, there is a deep culture of safety. This milestone was achieved because of the team’s intentional efforts.
Each week the team meets in a safety huddle to learn about a new safety topic. These meetings are conducted departmentally so that specific groups can look out for one another. Safety walks are also conducted to promote a safe environment. Merritt Precision utilizes incremental goals to strive for greater success. To celebrate the accomplishment, Merritt Precision hosted a lunch where the team voted on a surf and turf theme.
“At Merritt Precision we take special care of not just our products, but also our processes and those that are around us,” said Greg Warren, Director of Operations. “Having 1750 days without a lost-time accident is an incredible accomplishment by our team who functions with safety as the first priority.”

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