World Wake Association joins forces with the Wakeboarding Hall of Fame

The World Wake Association announced that it has signed a memorandum of agreement with the Wakeboarding Hall of Fame. The agreement aligns the two organizations which share the same goals of preserving the history of wakesports and honoring pioneers for their contributions, in all aspects, not solely competitive, while ensuring wakesports history is accurately recorded. 

For nearly a year, members from both organizations have been discussing a more cohesive approach to each other’s operations including higher profile, joint promotions. The agreement sets the stage for more united operations including an improved and expanded Hall of Fame induction process that will also acknowledge the world’s current top performing wake sports athletes while ensuring that the history of wakesports is preserved.

Mike Weddington, Wakeboarding Hall of Fame President said, “Once we started talking, we realized that the two organizations had a lot in common. Our goals and values were completely aligned and it made sense to bring these two institutions together as we continue our mission of preserving the history of our sport. The agreement will provide for improved communication and better promotion of the Wakeboarding Hall of Fame’s annual induction ceremony, now in its seventh year.”

The World Wake Association’s Executive Director, Corrie Wilson said, “For more than thirty-two years, the WWA has provided a stage for all wake sports athletes to compete across the globe. Many of our earliest athletes are already Hall of Fame Inductees, so it just made sense, in so many ways, for the WWA to join forces with the Hall of Fame in order to preserve and honor those that were truly a part of the history of our sport. I’m looking forward to the Wakeboarding Hall of Fame and the new awards throughout this summer.”

Anyone interested is encouraged to visit where they’ll get more information about the mission, its current members, entertaining archived content and how philanthropic contributors can make an annual tax-deductible donation that will one day lead to a museum enshrining inductees and housing wake sport’s most historical memorabilia and artifacts. 

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