ABYC releases video for National Invasive Species Awareness Week

ABYC video screengrab
ABYC has released a new video about the threat of aquatic invasive species

This week, Feb. 22-26, is National Invasive Species Awareness Week and the American Boat and Yacht Council (ABYC) released an animated video to raise awareness about the threat Aquatic Invasive Species (AIS) pose to the boating industry and what manufacturers can do to limit the spread.

AIS can damage ecosystems and negatively impact fishing and the future of the boating lifestyle. Boat access to many aquatic resources has been limited due to AIS concerns and AIS infestation can result in serious damage to boats and their components. Invasive plant life can foul propellers, jam impellors and cause bilge pump failure. Mussels can attach to boats and negatively affect performance, attach to engines causing component failure, and obstruct water lines causing system failure.

Innovative boat designs can help curb the issues. ABYC has free resources available including an AIS technical information report and a webinar to provide guidance on the design and construction of boats, trailers, engines, components and accessories.

“National Invasive Species Awareness Week is a great time for manufacturers to utilize ABYC resources to evaluate their products to not only help reduce the spread of AIS but also improve the overall boating experience,” said Brian Goodwin ABYC technical director. “There are many companies that have already taken action and they should share these achievements with the rest of the industry and natural resource community.”

Visit www.abycinc.org/ais to view the view and access ABYC’s free resources.

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