NMMA outlines Fiscal Year 2022 federal funding priorities

Last week, NMMA submitted its appropriations request for fiscal year 2022 (FY22) to Congress, as both chambers begin to develop their respective funding packages. While the appropriations process sets the spending levels at every agency in the federal government, it is an opportunity to improve initiatives and programs that are critically important to marine manufacturers, small businesses, and the entire recreational boating community.

The programs outlined in NMMA’s appropriation request promote and protect boating access, restore critical marine ecosystems, invest in alternative technology research, and support local economies that depend on the recreational boating industry. NMMA’s FY22 priorities include:

  • Improving and expanding public boating access;
  • Restoring vital ecosystems from the Florida Everglades to the Great Lakes;
  • Investing in next generation marine propulsion and alternative fuel research;
  • Combatting Asian carp and other aquatic invasive species; and
  • Streamlining permitting for marinas to address infrastructure needs.

While the president’s budget proposal has not formally been delivered to Congress, the House and Senate Appropriations Committees are already beginning work on their FY22 spending bills. In the subsequent weeks and months, the president will release his administration’s budget proposal and Congress will then begin conducting formal hearings with administration officials to discuss the proposed budget.

Given the legislative gridlock that often grips both chambers of Congress, the annual appropriations process consistently remains one of the few legislative vehicles that crosses the finish line. NMMA said it will closely monitor the appropriations process as it unfolds on Capitol Hill and will continue to advocate for the industry’s priorities with lawmakers and key staff.

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