Lowe Boats honors dealers with its 2020 Model Year Awards

Lowe Boats, a division of Brunswick Corporation, has announced its dealer awards for the 2020 model year.  This year, despite not being able to have an in-person dealer meeting, the company was able to hold a one-day virtual event that attracted dealers from around North America, eager to participate and hear about the MY2021 products.

This year, Lowe gave out five different awards to dealerships from coast-to-coast, honoring excellence during the entire year.  The 2020 winners are:

  • #1 in Sales: The Boat Place – Rockville, IN.  Terry Dalton and his team delivered stellar sales throughout the year and really accelerated this summer.  The Boat Place sells the entire Lowe portfolio and does particularly well with Stingers and Pontoons.
  • Fastest Growing Dealer: Mountainland Auto Sales – Heber City, UT.  The team at Mountainland, led by Shane Clegg has grown at a rapid pace for the past two years, nearly quadrupling their Lowe business.  They’ve also been sure to maintain great customer service through all this growth.
  • Rookie of the Year: CenterPoint Yacht Sales – Pewaukee, WI.  Al Visintainer and the team at CenterPoint were just getting started with Lowe this time last year.  Since then, they have delivered big with Deep V and Pontoon sales, growing quickly to one of the largest Lowe dealers in the Midwest.  CenterPoint demonstrates great attention to the details, customer education, and they deliver always-on customer service.
  • Best in Customer Service: Beacon Marine – Junction City, KS.  Bob Muto and the team at Beacon delivered phenomenal results on CSI, getting more perfect scores per sale than any other dealer.  This is also a huge year for Beacon Marine as they share the 50th anniversary of their dealership with the Lowe boats 50th anniversary.  Longevity isn’t an accident and great customer service creates customers for life.
  • Lowe Premier Dealer Award:  The Sports Center – Perry, GA.  Excellent leadership shows in all aspects of the business.  From large sales numbers and strong year over year growth to high CSI scores with overall great customer feedback, Tim Greer and his team have consistently shown they know how to deliver great experiences for their customers.  Great job on all fronts!

“We want to thank all of our dealers for their hard work and attention to our customer’s needs through this time of unprecedented demand,” said Greg Falkner, Lowe Boats general manager. “As we welcome new boaters into the sport at record rates, this attention to deliver great education and customer service is more important than ever.  First impressions count and we’re making a lot of them right now.  We have great momentum with the brand right now and we can’t wait to see what’s in store for 2021 and beyond.”

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