DockMaster launches mobile app

DockMaster announced the launch of the DockMaster Mobile App, bringing its powerful marine software solution to a mobile device. The app provides a mobile Time Clock, Time Card and Scheduler for technicians to track labor hours and comments. DockMaster Mobile was presented with a 2019 Top Product award by Boating Industry.

DockMaster Mobile has taken the existing Time Clock and Time Card functionality in DockMaster’s desktop application and made it available in a mobile app for both Android and iOS. A mobile scheduler has also been integrated into DockMaster Mobile, which allows technicians to see what’s been assigned to them on any given day. From there, service techs can enter time spent on work orders using the Time Clock or Time Card feature, all while seamlessly syncing with DockMaster.

“We are excited about the potential of DockMaster Mobile,” said Cam Collins, President of DockMaster Software. “This is the first step in our vision of putting the power of DockMaster in the hands of those who need access to information from anywhere, at any time. We are grateful to those customers who provided us with so much valuable information to help us improve the usability of DockMaster Mobile. DockMaster Mobile was designed for our customers, by our customers.”

DockMaster Mobile empowers service techs on the go, eliminating the need to schedule and assign tasks on paper. Technicians can view their scheduled tasks at a glance and clock in and out on the mobile Time Clock.

With this intuitive app, marine professionals can track labor tasks and hours in a far more efficient manner.

Visit DockMaster’s website for more information on DockMaster Mobile.

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