MISSION names new CEO

MISSION llc. recently announced that it appointed Corey Uchtman as CEO on April 15, 2019. The announcement coincides with MISSION’s larger strategy to expand beyond the boating market and tap into the much larger outdoor recreation industry, a goal that Uchtman will support by taking over the daily governance of the company’s business activities and financial operations.

Uchtman’s diverse background will serve him well at the growing design and technology company. He holds a mechanical engineering degree from the University of Cincinnati and a JD from William Mitchell College of Law, served as patent counsel for MISSION, and is a former professional wakeboarder. In addition to managing the day-to-day operations at MISSION, Uchtman will be responsible for establishing and executing the company’s growth plan, managing the legal affairs, and leading the efforts surrounding new business opportunities.

“What drew me to MISSION is how they’ve challenged the status quo by refusing to accept bad design and derivative products,” said Uchtman. “For example, many categories in the boating market haven’t changed in years and people in that space are screaming for help. I know because I was one of them. I’ve witnessed the impact of MISSION products on the industry, so I’m excited to finally join the pursuit for thoughtful design and I look forward to taking MISSION to the next level.”

MISSION believes it’s uniquely positioned to carve out a place within the $877 billion outdoor recreation industry that’s driven by a conscientious audience that demands quality products, smart design, and innovative thinking.

“We never envisioned ourselves as being ‘just a boating company’,” said co-founder Kris Clover. “That’s why we’re so excited to have Corey joining the team. His law and engineering background, along with his love of outdoor sports, creates the perfect trifecta of experience that we need to turn our vision of the future into reality. With him taking over the financial and business side of the operation, Mark [Bohlig, co-founder] and I will be able to focus all our efforts on designing and creating more of the innovative products that help people get outside, find new adventures, and enjoy more of their free time.”

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