Senate Committee holds hearing on outdoor recreation infrastructure

This morning, the U.S. Senate Committee on Energy and Natural Resources will hold a hearing on improving access, infrastructure, and permitting for outdoor recreation. The National Marine Manufacturers Association applauded the committee’s leadership for convening the hearing, noting that the action shows outdoor recreation remains a key bipartisan priority.

Ahead of the hearing, NMMA senior vice president of government relations and legal affairs, Nicole Vasilaros stated, "Today's Senate Committee on Energy and Natural Resources hearing reaffirms that outdoor recreation is a uniting issue that brings lawmakers from both sides of the aisle together. We would like to thank Senator Lisa Murkowski (R-AK) and Senator Joe Manchin (D-WV) for their leadership in fostering an important dialogue today on how we can improve our country's outdoor recreation infrastructure.”

Vasilaros continued, “The outdoor recreation industry makes up 2.2 percent of annual U.S. GDP — a larger share than mining, utilities, and chemical product manufacturing — with boating and fishing representing the top contributor to the industry's economic output. Each year, the recreational boating industry generates $170.3 billion in economic activity, supporting 35,000 businesses and 691,000 American jobs across the country. Responsibly modernizing of our diverse public lands and waters — by strengthening public-private partnerships, building more boat ramps, expanding broadband access in outdoor recreation areas, among other solutions — is crucial to ensuring the industry continues to serve as a critical growth engine and job creator for our country.

“Congress has once again made it clear that we must protect one of our country's most valuable economic resources: the outdoor recreation industry. I encourage lawmakers to continue these conversations throughout the coming months so we can further bolster our outdoor recreation infrastructure and provide Americans and their families with enjoyable experiences when visiting America's public parks and waterways."

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