Power Products launches connected boat video for OEMs

Power Products has released a new video, showcasing how its integrated solutions are helping OEM boat builders around the country.

In the new video, engineers from brands such as Hinckley and White River Marine Group speak about how connected boating and electrical and digital components offered by Power Products enhance the consumer experience.

“We are looking for a complete systems solution. We don’t want to have a component here and a component there, we want features that are linked and tied together,” said Fred Berry, Hinckley Company senior engineer.

“It’s been a great relationship with CZone and Power Products, they have helped us a long way,” said Kyle Swanson, White River Marine Group engineering manager.

Power Products Integrated Solutions is dedicated to assisting OEMs in designing reliable and fully integrated power management and digital switching solutions for customers with a future vision to connect all electrical and digital components into a fully integrated system.

“If you see what’s in your cars nowadays; it’ll translate into your boats,” Swanson said. “Everyone wants to control things on touch screens and everyone wants the latest and greatest on their boat and this (CZone) is one of them.”

Five years ago, industry conversations about digital switching were non-existent, Swanson said.

“It’s amazing what is happening in the marine industry,” he said. “We saw it three years ago with our Mako 334, and it has exploded from there.”

Power Products was acquired by Brunswick Corp. and joined Mercury Marine’s global parts and accessories organization in June.

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