Boats Group launches new BoatWizard mobile app

Boats Group, a global classifieds marketplace and marketing software solutions provider to marine brokers and dealers,  announced the launch of its new and improved BoatWizard mobile app.

The app is exclusive to brokers and dealers in the recreational boating space, designed to make it easier  to access and manage inventory across the YachtWorld, Boat Trader, and platforms in real time, from any smartphone.

The BoatWizard app empowers boat dealers and brokers with on-the-go access to inventory-level listing detail, such as price, year and location, in an easy-to-use interface that reflects the experience on the industry’s most popular inventory management system and MLS, BoatWizard.

“In a climate where demand for boats is steadily increasing, the BoatWizard app empowers our industry partners with a single, familiar interface that helps get their boats on the market faster. The app allows for seamless listing creation from start to finish, eliminating the need for multiple devices,” said Boats Group CEO Sam Fulton. “We’ve placed our priority on delivering technology that marine retailers need to serve their prospective clients and to facilitate and close transactions with fellow brokers.”

More than 25 percent of BoatWizard users have downloaded the app as part of the initial launch. Many of these users were also part of the pre-launch test group, which provides feedback and input as new products are being developed.

“The ongoing feedback from user groups has been imperative throughout the development process, and I’m confident that the app we’re putting in the hands of our industry partners will help them manage their business more efficiently,” Fulton said. “This is just the tip of the iceberg – new features will be added with each update and we’ll continue testing and learning from our user group to ensure that the app is delivering a great experience.”

The BoatWizard app features include:

  • Seamless listing creation with the ability to start a listing, save it and publish later – from any device
  • Access to the world’s largest MLS, allowing YachtWorld members to find inventory available for co-brokerage and contact the listing broker directly
  • Access to Soldboats database, allowing YachtWorld members to easily compare pricing and time to sale
  • Detailed reporting by day, week and month
  • Integration with YachtCloser, allowing members to create and modify contracts

More information on the app’s features and options to download are available on the Boats Group website.

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