Correct Craft announces formation of new subsidiary

Correct Craft has announced a significant additional investment in future innovation with the formation of a new subsidiary, Watershed Innovations.

The new subsidiary will work to specifically identify, evaluate and implement exponential technologies for Correct Craft and its subsidiaries, said Bill Yeargin, Correct Craft president and CEO.

Watershed Innovations will leverage cross-pollination by bringing together talented members from Correct Craft companies to find innovative solutions to complex challenges.

The Watershed Innovations teams, along with external resources including both universities and research centers, will be pursuing sustaining and disruptive technologies for Correct Craft’s products, processes and facilities, Yeargin added.

 “This is an exciting time and our team could not be more thrilled about what we are doing with Watershed Innovations,” Yeargin said. “We believe the world will be dramatically different in 10 years and we are excited about leading this effort to implement change in our industry.  We are making a significant investment in this project and encourage those with great ideas to work with us as we work to bring the future to the boating industry.”

Watershed Innovations also will focus on identifying, researching, developing and integrating exponential technologies to benefit Correct Craft, its subsidiaries and the marine industry as a whole. The ideas that are generated will strategically align with Correct Craft businesses, the company’s culture and its focus of “Making Life Better,” Yeargin said.

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