ABYC releases annually updated standards for 2017

On July 31, the American Boat and Yacht Council published its 57th supplement of “Standards and Technical Information Report for Small Craft,” which covers all major boat systems and provides boatbuilding and repair guidelines.

ABYC standards are continuously researched, developed and revised by over 400 volunteer technical experts and marine professionals on 16 Project Technical Committees. Each year the standards are updated to reflect changes in industry best practices and advancements in technology.

“This year’s supplement is full of improvements to address the ever advancing trends in the industry,” said ABYC Technical Director Brian Goodwin. “P-21 was expanded to address triple and quadruple outboard installations and we now have a standard to address electric propulsion systems in E-30. It is critical that boatbuilders and component manufacturers are up to date on these changes.”

The following standards and technical information reports are new publications:

  • E-30, Electrical Propulsion Systems (Replacing TE-30)
  • TH-12, Outboard Engine Mounting Guide (Replacing S-12)
  • TH-29, Sewage Systems (New)

The following standards and technical information reports were revised:

  • A-32, AC Power Conversion Equipment and Systems
  • H-5, Boat Load Capacity (Technical Amendment)
  • H-8, Buoyancy in the Event of Flooding/Swamping
  • H-24, Gasoline Fuel Systems
  • H-30, Hydraulic Systems
  • H-31, Seat Structures (Corrected)
  • H-35, Powering and Load Capacity of Pontoon Boats
  • H-37, Jet Boats – Light Weight
  • P-21, Manual Hydraulic Steering System
  • P-23, Mechanical Steering and Propulsion Controls for Jet Boats
  • S-30, Outboard Engine and Related Equipment Weights
  • S-31, Environmental Considerations for Electronic Systems and Components Installed Onboard Boats
  • TH-22, Educational Information about Carbon Monoxide
  • TH-23, Design, Construction and Testing of Boats in Consideration of Carbon Monoxide

ABYC also publishes component standards addressing the design, construction and testing of a specific item. These standards are typically only utilized by specific component manufacturers and are not included in the standards manual. However, they are now available to ABYC members through the online standards library.

  • C-1, Primer Bulbs – July 2016                                                                            
  • C-2, Carbon Canisters ­– July 2016
  • C-1500, Standard for Ignition-Protection Test for Marine Products ­– July 2014

Visit www.abycinc.org to purchase the standards manual and/or desktop subscription.

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