Blackfin Boats debuts two new models

lackfin BoatsBlackfin Boats held a debut event at the Vinoy Renaissance Hotel in St. Petersburg, Fla., on June 6 and 7, which introduced two new models.

“The unveiling of the first two models was met with an incredible turnout and eager anticipation from all who attended,” said Charles Marshall, co-chairman of Blackfin Boats, “We consider this to be a ground breaking moment, and we are proud and excited to begin this next chapter in the legend of Blackfin Boats.”

In-water testing and hands-on demonstrations were offered to dealers.

“The event exceeded all expectations” said Mike Cassel, of North Florida Yacht Sales, “We are honored to become one of Blackfin’s first premier dealers offering the new product line.”

Blackfin Boats will be increasing its marketing efforts by working closely with many different partners to help the brand.

“We are working to implement Corporate Social Responsibilityand a thorough co-branding effort with a few carefully selected and well known companies and organizations; which will build a strong brand awareness for Blackfin Boats,” said Kyle Watts, marketing manager. “Through the business meeting at the Soft Launch, the marketing efforts that were presented and we are moving forward with, were all well received and many people came forward to express their enthusiasm about where we are taking Blackfin. I am actually still receiving communication on that enthusiasm to this day.

“We have received an overwhelming response of perspective dealer applications since the product debut, however great pains are being taken to ensure the Blackfin product line will be represented well with the dealer/partner networks that are chosen to represent it,” he added.

Blackfin Boats were constructed for coastal angling by builders who know and love saltwater fishing.

“The new Blackfins are designed and engineered with uncompromised construction, features, safety and performance,” said Mark Owens, vice president of design and engineering. “They are bred from the DNA of boat builders, delivering state-of-the-art boats unmatched in durability, safety, quality and warranty, but they were also designed to offer amenities that will make them family heirlooms for years to come.”

Blackfin Boats is owned and operated by Moterey Boat. Established in 1985, the comapny has generated more than $2.4 billion of sales and distributed over 40,000 boats worldwide. The new yacht-grade Blackfin fishing boats are being built in a Florida-based facility by a team of more than 500 boatbuilders, craftsmen and engineers. Blackfin’s current line features two models ranging from 21’ to 27’, with a 24’ debuting in August 2017, followed by a 33’ center console in spring 2018. A dual console 272, 242 and 212 is planned for the near future.

For more information on Blackfin Boats, visit, or contact Rene’ Moore at (352) 528-2628 Ext. 219 and

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