Walker Bay announces International Yacht Network as new dealer in Wisconsin

Walker Bay Boats announced that International Yacht Network will now be carrying three RIB Lines – the Genesis, Odyssey and Supertender. Director of Sales and Marketing Michael Carroll said, “Dealers like International Yacht Network don’t come along everyday. Owner Jarrett Bryzek runs a smooth ship with hands on sales and service that translates into a long list of happy loyal customers.”

International Yacht Network started in Fort Lauderdale, Fla., in 2006 and now operates from Green Bay, Wis.  They specialize in fully rigged packages with Tohatsu engines and ship nationwide using freight connections. International Yacht Network also offers custom chock and lifting harness packages.

Jarrett Bryzek, president of International Yacht Network, said, “We chose Walker Bay because they are a reliable brand that complements the innovative products that we build in our factory with great design, functionality and superior technology.”

See more about Walker Bay offerings from International Yacht Network at www.walkerbaytenders.com

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