Take Me Fishing-Disney advertising increases awareness

Since 2013, the Recreational Boating & Fishing Foundation (RBFF) has been working with Walt Disney World Resort and Disney Media to increase participation in boating and fishing through various digital properties and on-resort branding. A research study completed by Research Now for RBFF shows that the effort is connecting. According to the study, exposure to Take Me Fishing-Disney advertising increases the likelihood that target audiences will go boating and fishing. In addition, target audiences exposed to Take Me Fishing messages by way of the Disney alliance are more aware of the campaign and believe that Take Me Fishing is dedicated to helping families lead healthy and active lives.

“We are thoroughly pleased with the success of the Take Me Fishing-Disney relationship in enhancing the impact of our Take Me Fishing brand on families and children,” said RBFF President and CEO Frank Peterson. “There are clear synergies between Take Me Fishing and Disney audiences that we hope will lead to new generations of anglers and boaters, ultimately leading to greater participation in fishing and boating and more dollars for conservation efforts.”

Key report findings:

  • When compared with the impact on a control group, Take Me Fishing-Disney advertising significantly increases:
    • Awareness of the Take Me Fishing campaign and the alliance, and favorable impressions of both.
    • Positive perceptions about fishing and boating.
    • The likelihood that audiences will respond to calls to action, such as to go boating and fishing; to see more information about boating and fishing; and to talk with family and friends about participating.

Other related factors that increase campaign awareness and engagement include:

  • Frequency and exposure to advertising messages.
  • Audience demographics: gains were highest among those between the ages of 25 and 34, women and parents of children ages 9-11.
  • Media channel exposure, greatest on Disney TV and digital media.

More information about the Take Me Fishing-Disney relationship can be found in the Take Me Fishing Newsroom.

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