Glasstream announces alliance with Allied American Power

Glasstream Powerboats and American Boat Group announced the sale of Glasstream’s 360 R-Interceptor product with an Allied American Power.

“This new boat totally redefines the Coastal Interceptor category,” Glasstream Founder and Designer A.L. Kirkland said. “Designed to operate in rough water, this revolutionary product is a game changer. It goes up to twice as far on a gallon of fuel, performs better with less power and brings down the costs of ownership and operation. Additionally, the super strong hull adds years of service life to these units.”

“The largest cost of ownership over the life-cycle of a Coastal Interceptor is fuel for daily operations and maintenance related expenses for marine propulsion systems,” added American Boat Group President Douglas Brogdon. “The hull design of the GS360 R-Interceptor improves operational capability in a light chop to heavy seas. Designed to be very low drag, the dual inverted stepped hull increases fuel efficiency, and provides a stable and balanced ride under all conditions. This boat performs as well with twin engines as any competitive brand does with triples, and that reduces the cost of ownership at every level.”

“This Special Operations Vessel,” Glasstream Powerboats President Kruis Retherford relates, “was in product development and refinement for over two years and represents advances not only as a coastal defender, yet, also as a reliable offshore fishing boat in the consumer marketplace. Our combination of performance and reliability make it the right choice for either use.”

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