Grady-White booth wins Best of Boat Show Displays in New York and Miami

GREENVILLE, N.C. –Grady-White was selected as Best in Show among manufacturer boat displays at both the New York and Miami shows this 2016 season.

The Grady-White booth presented a classic, relaxed elegance with inviting color schemes, warm lighting, stylized palm trees, handmade hickory booth perimeters for that dockside feel, and easy access to the boats, along with clear product information. Seating areas with photographs and flatscreens showing videos provided a “Grady living room” feel, and set the mood for meeting with show attendees.

“It takes real creativity to stand out in the crowd of companies in the biggest and most important boat shows in the world,” said Shelley Tubaugh, Grady-White vice president of marketing. “We are pleased and honored to have our display selected as Best in Show. Our guests tell us it’s a great place to congregate. It takes detailed planning and focus to carry out a successful show, and Grady-White is very proud of our team’s hard work that resulted in these honors!”

Tubaugh continued, “We and our participating dealerships aim to make the boat show experience a friendly, welcoming one for customers, prospects and enthusiasts, while showcasing products’ value and benefits, developing and renewing relationships, and demonstrating many of the advantages of the Grady Life ownership experience.

“The highlight, of course, is the boats themselves, and we unveiled two fantastic new models for 2016 and incorporated many exceptional changes across the 27-model lineup that bespeak our attention to detail.”

Established in 1959, Grady-White currently builds 27 models of saltwater center console, dual console, express and walkaround cuddy cabin sportfishing and coastal family boats from 18 to 37 feet.

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  1. I am so glad that they won! Everyone brought their A-game with the booths at Miami, but out of all of them, I picked out Grady White as the winner for the best looking one. They deserved it because their area totally screamed “Miami”!

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