Yamaha Marine Group unveils new 2.5hp portable outboard

KENNESAW, Ga. – Yamaha Marine Group announced today the introduction of a new 2.5-horsepower four-stroke portable outboard. The new Yamaha F2.5 is now certified with three stars from the California Environmental Protection Agency Air Resources Board (C.A.R.B.) for “ultra-low emissions,” due to internal improvements that make combustion cleaner and more efficient.

“With the C.A.R.B. certification, Yamaha’s new F2.5 is now available in all 50 states,” said Ben Speciale, Yamaha Marine Group president. “Not only is it cleaner and more efficient than its predecessor, it’s also easier to store, handle and use, thanks to several important design changes.”

New clean-burning features include a new intake manifold, new combustion chamber design, a four-degree cylinder offset, an enlarged water jacket for more consistent engine temperature control and a two-stage exhaust gas recirculation system.

The new Yamaha F2.5 was built for easy carrying and storage. A new oil leak prevention system allows the outboard to lie flat on one of three sides or it can be stored vertically. Its ergonomic carrying handle can also be used for assistance in steering when in reverse.

The company said Yamaha’s decompression system makes the new F2.5 easy to start, while even more convenient operation results from F-N shift and 360-degree steering for reverse. Similar to other Yamaha portable outboards, the F2.5 has a large, twist-throttle grip, and the starter knob, gearshift and choke all fall readily into hand for the operator. The new portable also has smoother, crisper throttle operation, thanks to a two-cable control system.

Yamaha’s new F2.5, in both short and long shaft configurations, will be available nationwide in March 2016. For more information, visit www.yamahaoutboards.com.

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  1. Kevin richards

    Bought new f2.5 with the oil-leak prevention system and it still leaked? What side is best to carry on?

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