Nautique employees serve local, Hatian charities

ORLANDO, Fla. – As part of it’s Nautique Cares initiative Nautique employees recently served in two separate projects; one in their home community of Central Florida and another in Haiti.

In Orlando Nautique employees volunteered March 7th to help build a Habitat for Humanity home that Nautique Boat Company is funding. This is the second Habitat for Humanity home in the past three years that Nautique has funded. Nautique’s sister company Orlando Watersports Complex (OWC) funded another for a total of three homes. Nautique and OWC employees also volunteered time to help build each of these three homes.

Another group of Nautique employees traveled March 13th and 14th to Haiti to distribute 3,400 pounds of food to hungry Haitian families. The Nautique team flew into the Haitian countryside with a plane full of the food and worked with various organizations to hand out the food to the Haitian families. The Nautique team also had the opportunity to review work done by several charitable organizations in Haiti.

Bill Yeargin, Nautique’s President and CEO stated, “I am thrilled at the wonderful spirit of our employees who are always willing to serve as part of our various Nautique Cares initiatives. Both the home building in Central Florida and food distribution in Haiti helped people who really need it.”  Yeargin added, “Over the past eight years our Nautique team has traveled the globe serving others. We want to build the world’s best boats but we also want to use our time and resources to help those who need it.”

To ready Bill Yeargin’s Nautique Insider blog about these Nautique Cares initiatives click here.

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