Horizon Yachts to provide The Boat Village with all new vessels

HOBE SOUND, Fla. – My-Villages, a leading technology provider for consumers and service professionals, today announced that Horizon Yacht USA is now providing The Boat Village pre-installed with all new yachts delivered in the United States. Owners and captains can use The Boat Village to keep track of all the equipment on their boats, receive reminders when maintenance is due, and coordinate service by electronically sharing tasks with the boat’s service yard, crew or yacht management company.

“The Boat Village is the most comprehensive communications and collaboration tool available for owners and captains, and we were thrilled to be selected by Horizon Yachts to provide this valuable link between vessels and their service providers,” said Kevin Hutchinson, founder and CEO of My-Villages. “Horizon Yacht’s selection process was rigorous and we were pleased we emerged as the best choice for their customers.”

The Boat Village provides a digital boat history; every time a vessel receives a service or repair, the system automatically updates. Owners can use the system to set up a customizable service plan, complete with reminders of when maintenance is due. Because owners or captains can use The Boat Village to communicate directly with service providers by sharing service tasks, there is no need for multiple emails, faxes or phone calls to arrange service tasks.

As part of The Boat Village package, all new Horizon Yacht owners will receive 1GB of storage to hold videos, photos, and other important documents that support tasks to be completed.

“The Boat Village vastly simplifies service coordination and boat management for all owners of Horizon vessels,” said Roger Sowerbutts, President of Horizon Yacht USA. “We believe The Boat Village will increase customer satisfaction, making the whole process of boat ownership a more pleasurable experience. In due course, we may even see a reduction in warranty repairs as owners use The Boat Village to assure their equipment is in top condition.”

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