Dealer Spike partners with Dealership Performance CRM

LAKE OSWEGO, Ore. — Dealer Spike, the fastest growing digital advertising company in the web solutions industry, has partnered with Dealership Performance CRM, a customer relations management system that has developed a complete marketing solution for dealers around the globe.

“We couldn’t be more excited to partner with industry veterans like the team at Dealership Performance CRM,” says Jay Mason, CEO of Dealer Spike. “Tod Kilgore and his team have developed a system that automates so much for dealers, and gets them results fast. We look forward to a successful partnership that is aligned with us, one hundred percent.”

Dealership Performance CRM’s Tod Kilgore shares this sentiment. “The culture of Dealer Spike is different and more advanced than most other digital marketing companies. The agile environment that’s needed to stay ahead of the curve already exists at Dealer Spike,” says Kilgore. “One of the biggest reasons we work so well together is because Dealer Spike is able to work at the same speed. The team at Dealer Spike has the same desire as us, to put out the best product possible.”

For dealers who utilize Dealer Spike’s web solutions services, Dealership Performance CRM offers a simple but strategic method for connecting to customers and following through with leads. A fully integrated CRM tool is just what Dealer Spike customers need to get on track with leads, stabilize sale opportunities, and follow through.

“The majority of all leads in our CRM tool do not start in the showroom. Having a CRM system that can handle the workload in a timely manner is essential,” Kilgore explains. “With Dealer Spike’s integration, our system can receive nine different types of leads within seconds. This is dramatically faster than any other CRM tool out there. That quick of a push makes a huge impact for dealers, and we provide that.”

Dealer Spike is known for “accelerating results.” With the superior tracking and follow-up capabilities provided by Dealership Performance CRM, this partnership makes perfect sense. The integration of this tool in Dealer Spike’s web solutions system provides just the solution dealers need for successful sales and profits.

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