Torqeedo sweeps Wye Island Electric Boat Challenge

ST. MICHAELS, Md. — Once again proving its electric motors produce unequaled power and speed, Torqeedo recently won first place in three categories in the 14th annual Wye Island Electric Boat Challenge in St. Michaels, Maryland. For the third year in a row, Torqeedo-powered boats have swept the 24-mile, electric motor-only race. All of the boats powered by a Torqeedo finished the race, just as they’ve done every year.

Jim Campbell won the single hull/lead acid batteries category in his 20′ Old Town canoe with a time of 2.179 hours and a speed of 10.93 mph, beating his time from the previous year. Jay Bliss took first place in the single hull/advanced batteries category in his 15′ custom vessel with a time of 2.483 hours and a speed of 9.59 mph. In the extreme hull category, Ned Farinholt won with a time of 2.083 hours and a speed of 11.44 mph. He was captaining a 19′ Speedster with dual Torqeedo motors.

“The Wye Island Challenge necessitates that the competing boats have real-world water-handling abilities, since even on calm days there are plenty of large motoryachts throwing off sizable wakes,” said Tom Hesselink, administrator of the Wye Island Challenge.

“Certainly I would like to see each boat complete the course successfully, but I still feel a bit redeemed by the fact that we have had at least one or two DNF’s each of the 14 years of the race. This means that it still remains a challenge,” continued Hesselink. “Some of the participants come to really race, while others are content just to prove the boat they designed and constructed can complete the 24-mile long course.”

Contestants have used a variety of Torqeedo motors to compete in the race, including the Travel 1003, Cruise 2.0 and Cruise 4.0. Torqeedo’s high-tech outboards combine lithium batteries with leading-edge motor technology and propeller design. Offering unrivaled strength and reliability, Torqeedo electric outboards bring race-worthy power, speed and efficiency to their owners every day.

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  1. who else competed in this boat challenge,ie: Electric paddle etc.?

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