Defender marks seventh year of record sales

WATERFORD, Conn. —For the fifth consecutive year, Defender Industries shared profits with its employees, and this year marks the largest amount paid out to date, according to the company.  

For 2010, sales grew 16.1 percent, marking the ninth consecutive year of growth and the seventh year in a row of record sales.

“Defender’s Success Sharing Program rewards all our employees proportionately for their individual and collective contributions to our success,” Vice President and co-owner Stephan Lance said in a release.  “They are responsible for our record sales and overall success and deserve to be rewarded for the exceptional work everyone does each day.”

Employees decide how they would like to receive their individual share. In addition to the cash, options include any combination of extra paid time off, pre-tax contributions to either their 401(k) retirement account or Health Savings Account, or as bonus pay.

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