Connecticut lemon law for boats lacks support

WASHINGTON — Extending Connecticut's auto lemon law to include boats gained little support in a hearing before the Joint Transportation Committee, according to the National Marine Manufacturers Association. Committee Chairman Andrew Maynard said that the very few complaints received by the state from boat owners showed that the marine industry effectively resolved complaints without the need for government oversight.

On a separate issue in Connecticut, several boat dealers and the NMMA testified against the Governor's proposed three percent luxury tax, which would be added to the state's general sales tax of 6.25 percent on the amount of a boat's purchase price above $100,000. NMMA's testimony focused on the failure of a national luxury tax in 1991-93 to raise anything near projected revenues, and other witnesses highlighted the damage that would be done to the fragile recovery underway, even as gas prices are increasing. NMMA and the Connecticut Marine Trades Association are coordinating opposition to the Governor's proposal.

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