Riviera Yachts USA gets new headquarters

STUART, Fla. — Australian boat builder Riviera recently opened a new U.S. headquarters in Stuart, and Riviera Yachts USA has relocated to the facility, according to a release from the company.

Riviera Yachts USA provides support for Riviera dealers and owners in America, Europe, Africa and the Middle East by assisting with sales, service, warranty and spare parts needs.

Riviera went into voluntary receivership in May and has since restructured most aspects of its business. The company said the new U.S. headquarters was part of those efforts.

“In Australia, we have altered our business from a growth phase structure to a more nimble organization better able to operate competitively in the current market,” the company said in the release. “In the United States we have undertaken a similar restructure of our business with the opening of Riviera Yachts USA in Stuart, Florida.”

Given the progress made in the restructuring process, receivers say they have now formerly started looking for buyers interested in acquiring the assets and business of the Riviera Group.

“To date we have received a significant level of enquiry regarding Riviera from both local and overseas parties,” Chris Campbell, one of the receivers, said in a statement. “We are also seeking expressions from parties who may be interested in acquiring the assets and business, providing new equity and/or effecting a financial restructure of Riviera.”

Riviera CEO John Anderson said the company prides itself on its customer service and is working hard to maintain a consistent level of support through the transition.

“Our commitment to the United States market continues with strong resolve and we look forward to exhibiting at both Fort Lauderdale and Miami boat shows and a great many regional shows,” Anderson said in the release.

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